Is this a work?

Is that Bruce Buffer?

i think it was.

I am sure it was. I have seen a few like that in ADCC. If I remeber, Renzo
choked Feitosa in about 3 seconds.

how about JJM vs. Ricardo Almeida?

would it be a work because they are both from Barra?

Known work. Almost all the Barra vs. Barra matches at ADCC have been fake.

Yeah JJ vs PDP was a work for the bonus, Horn vs Hughes was a work for the bonus too by the looks of it.

matches involving teamamtes or relatives are always a bit suspect, sometimes one doesn't want to fight the other but won't stand aside for them.


lets be honest, PDP would not be a good pro wrestler given how badly he sells that 'injured' ankle :o)

I think Renzo vs. JJM was one of the only real Barra vs. Barra matches in the older ADCC.  Now they are pretty strict against works I believe.

Was that the year the brazilians all decided who was gonna make it through the absolute? I don't know if that is true or just internet folklore.


I kinda looks like a work.

"Now they are pretty strict against works I believe. "

It was made clear prior to ADCC 2005 via press releases and in the rules meeting that any fights that were deemed by the table refs to be worked would result in the DQ of the people involved and their teams from the whole competition.