Is this ex-prosecutor right on"Stand your Ground"?

She poses a helluva hypothetical situation.

From watching CNN, everytime I hear that someone is a "Former prosecutor" I assumed they're a fucking idiot since every prosecutor I see on CNN seems to be retarded. I don't know how many times "Former prosecutor" Sunny Hostin has to be wrong before they get rid of her as a legal analyst. She pulls the race card every fuckin time.

And for this video: isn't "Stand your ground" used as a defense in black on black, gang-related shootings the most? If she wants more black men in prison; then by all means get rid of the law.

I personally don't watch CNN, MSNBC or FOX regularly at all. Very rarely as a matter of fact. I'm not really privy to their typical modus operandi other than their political reputations/slants that they're always being accused of.

Regardless I personally found this Liveleak vid mildly interdasting with the hypothetical scenario she conjured up. Phone Post 3.0

She's a retard.  To begin with, she attaches the label/legal determination of "murder" before there has been a finding in an obvious effort to mislead by setting a predetermined unwinnable scenerio.  Also she does not attempt to even address the substance/effect/policy of Stand Your Ground and jumps right to false and inflamitory.

Essentially, SYG addresses one's duty to retreat.  SYG removes the duty to retreat, opponents try to argue that there should be a duty to retreat before deadly force can be used.  Pretty much all other elements of self-defense still have to be present: there must be a imminent threat of great bodily harm (or similar wording minus a duty to retreat). 

I think Trust hit that one on the head nicely. To answer her if a white teenage was on top an older black man punching him while he is screaming stop. When the teenage doesn't I think the stand your ground defense is very logical. It very frustrating to see this constant denial that all avg folks regardless of race are struggling or at the least scared for their kids....they aren't scared of that "scary other race" they are scared of the government that won't do its primary job of protecting the rights of all of us.