Is this illegal? XP Question

So I have a PC running XP Home.

I am buying a new PC, with no OS.

Can I just install from my current Dell XP installation disk and use the product key on my current machine?

I am not selling my old PC.

Any problem with this? Is there a trip to in the installation process?

You get three activations with your license key. Your scenario is technically illegal under Microsoft's licensing, but you should be able to get away with it if you want, no problem.

actually dont MS say its ko0 if u install on ur own PC's (2-3) as long as u own a legit copy

isnt that Dell CD a recovery CD?

"isnt that Dell CD a recovery CD? "

Shit, I hope not. It says 'Reinstallation CD - only use this CD to reinstall the operating system"

What do you think?

sounds illegal to me but I'm no expert

One retail copy of XP Home = one client license. Hence, you can only legally have it on one computer. If you install it on the new computer, you must wipe out the other one.

It won't work, that is one thing that disappointed me with Dell. They used to enclose the orig windows CD, but they don't do it any more.

Actually, Fin, I've never had a problem loading Dell's "XP Reinstallation CD" on ANY system. The Windows 2000 reinstall CD would detect that you weren't loading on a Dell, but for some reason Dell's XP CD doesn't care. We are using XP Pro, so it might be different for XP Home CD's.