Is this Mark Hunt's brother?!?!

My wife keeps telling me things like, "I wish Handsome Matt Wiman would lick Mike Hunt." and "I bet Joe Lauzon could punish Mike Hunt all night long." Yesterday, she told me, "I'd like to see how Mike Hunt fares in an 8-man tournament." I can't find anything about him in Sherdog's Fight Finder, though. Who is this guy?

I laughed.

try searching for Michael Hunt

pretty well done

Tee hee @ this thread

then get her with Oliver Clothesoff

at the airport the other day, "Hiam Slo" was pages on more than one occasion lol

"try searching for Michael Hunt"


I tried. I'm not even sure what weight class he's in, because now she's saying "I want Rampage to slam Mike Hunt." She also said that "Mike Hunt is very active in the guard." She seems pretty excited to see this guy fight.

10! perfect!

id like to see this fighter in action .. maybe we can get a match with mike hawk. but mike hawk is Huge they probably cant make the same weight.

your girl told me that Fedor just destroyed mike hunt with a brutal double fist

The "8 man tournament" is worth a ttt