Is this my responsibility? RE: Used car sale

I sold a used car recently for $3200. The buyer claims that the radiator broke and had to get replaced right away (literally right when he left my property). It broke due to a build up and "should have been known by me" when I sold it. He's asking me to contribute to the $1000 bill.

He didn't get it checked before he bought it. I bought it last year and didn't get it checked. It was my winter beater.

I know it isn't my obligation since it's his responsibility to check it and make his own assessment on price or whether or not he should buy it. It's more of a moral obligation. The guy is an older man and I'm sure he's not out to scam me; just irresponsible in a way. It was sold "as is".

Has this happened to anyone else?

As is in bill of sake = tough luck for buyer. A new rad for a beater shouldnt be 1000 either. If you want to be kind, get other estimates and offer half.

Otherwise fuck em Phone Post 3.0

Sold as is makes it his responsibility. Up to you if you want to help him out. Phone Post 3.0

I'm no lawyer, but Google can make me one in a few minutes if needed, but was the "as is" portion in writing? Phone Post 3.0

Yes, it's definitely not my legal responsibility. He emailed me and presented it like a moral responsibility since he knows I don't have to do anything. What should a new radiator be typically? It's for large sized SUV.

No moral responsibility imo Phone Post 3.0

You don't owe him anything. Morally I'd feel like I should help but it would all be in the way he approached me about it. If he asked nicely and I felt he truly needed the help I'd probably do it. If he was being a dick about it I'd probably tell him to fuck off. Phone Post 3.0

Morality is only relevant if you knowingly scammed the fella. Otherwise, he already received his help in the form of a heavily discounted price for an "as is" vehicle.

Fuck him, don't be a pussy!

Do you live somewhere that requires you to smog it? Was it already smogged?

I would probably pay for half because I would feel bad...but no need for you to feel bad unless you knew.

If you knew about it you're a piece of shit. If not, then fuck him. Phone Post 3.0

Sounds like he wants you to cover half of a made up bill so he can take the $500 and get the radiator done and keep the change for whatever. Phone Post 3.0

That radiator should not cost that much, either got screwed or is trying to screw you. I would tell him I honestly did not know about that, I am sorry but I would never have spent $1000 on a 3200 dollar car Phone Post 3.0

just tell him your sorry but you cant help him.

did he take it to a dealer? sounds a bit shady 1k for rad

If he wanted you to help you should have presented the problem to you before he fix it Phone Post 3.0

To bad... Bad luck on his part. Your in the clear. .... I changed my radiator for about 200 bucks on my truck Phone Post 3.0

What a crock of shit i just bought a new radiator for an older vehicle for $100 at Advance Auto Parts. Nothing to put on and a mechanic probably wouldn't charge more than $100 to do it.

He is trying to scam you. Should have called you before. Phone Post 3.0

LOL @ $1k for a radiator for an older car. Just get the fuck out. Your response should be:

"Normally I would be inclined to be a good neighbor and help someone I've had a financial dealing with. However, as you are trying to rip me off to the tune of $500, which is more than it would cost to replace the radiator in this vehicle, I am instead just going to advise you to kiss my rebel dick."

I sold one of my cars to a kid and he texts me a few weeks later how the wiring harness melted.

Im not sure if he did anything or what but regardless the car was sold as is. I drove 40 min to meet him 1/2 way and he tried to low ball me when I got there after his mechanic looked at it. Then he asked me if I could drive the car to his house that was only a few miles away. That shit took another 30 min.

Either way don't know if he was trying to see if i would pay him or not but I was like that sucks and ended that convo. Phone Post 3.0