Is this new og more retarted than the old og?



Extra retarted

This blue writing is shit. I can’t see a thing

Wrong Forum Asshole

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Dark theme bro.

Site is awesome once you spend some time with it.

Still as many retards here.

Ya I like the dark theme. I just can’t see the thread titles haha. Woke up this morning and obviously busted out the OG before getting out of bed. But couldn’t see shit because of my night eyes. A light grey or something would be nice. Still easy on the eyes and easy to see

Change the theme in settings>>interface

I use material design. No blue links.

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This forum is WFA

I can change that color. Any thoughts/suggestions?

The reply function is particularly awesome. It minimizes what you are replying to which appears as if you’re just writing random stuff that makes little to no sense. So awesome!


I assume you haven’t found the quote bubble yet?

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This made life a lot better.

Also yes its way more retarded because I’m posting there

How RETARTID we talking?

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Ever see a monkey try to fuck a football?

Not being able to see the cursor is my only complaint so far. The first day ads made it buggy but it looks fixed now. I’d say 4/10 retardid. Old app was 8/10.

Like… do you mean the people, or the software?

If it’s people, it feels less retarded somehow.


What’s up retards…whens is the gif button coming back…I’m not using the app…the was my favorite new feature