Is this new og more retarted than the old og?

either today or late tonight. We have to run a Discourse main core update and I don’t think doing it in the middle of the day is a great idea.



Did someone mention Pop Tarts?

thats not a good thing is it?

I’d say less. The people lost were too simple to figure out how to navigate and post here. We cut a bit off the bottom end of the intellect scale there.

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Ever since it’s inception, back in the 1900’s, every single day the OG has grown more retarded than the day before. So that means that every single day that you visit it, that’s at its most retarded.

I like it better. Didn’t think I would

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That’s real retarted sir…


OP, you edited the “UG” part of the title but not “retarted”?

I think you have your answer.

Polls work. You can make a poll in your own post. Posting pics is far easier + gifs and emojis (dont give a fuck about emojis but they’re there.) Typing on my phone isnt a retarded mess like it was before. I’ve gotten used to the infinite scroll and havent had an issue with it aside from one of the very long threads. In my experience everything works MUCH better with more functionality added. I imagine that the tech issues other people have been having (seems to be Apple users and often users with old tech but). Site works great on my phone w/ the discord app.

The amount of morons though that havent been able to figure shit out and throw temper tantrums is astounding though. I’m not sure if I put that towards the new site being more retarded or if I put it more towards the populace of the old site being so incredibly retarded that they cant figure out how to use the new site. Seriously, it took me 3 days to really get the hang of the site and its layout. I dont understand the issue but most of the people appear to be from the “frames or nothing” crowd.