Is this normal?

It’s 2021.
Normal means nothing.
Buckle up.


or The Bloop has awakened!!!

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It won’t lead to anything.

No worries, Sleepy Joe and Heels Up Harris are on the job. This might finally get her fat ass to the border.

These guys are trying to say it’s aliens over Hawaii. Looks like the Sukhoi Su-57. Fast forward through to 21:00

This happened earlier this year. “blue light” object falls into ocean near Hawaii.

Bright blue UFO seen crashing into ocean near Hawaii prompts calls to 911, FAA - ABC7 San Francisco (


X Files Art GIF by Lily Padula

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At this point, fuck it…


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Remember when Hawaii had a false nuke alarm?

And that brother and sister thought they were about to die so they fucked?

I bet Thanksgiving is weird for them.


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Isn’t Russia doing “training” exercises really close to Hawaii. Putin flexing and fucking with the senile pedo.

Weird. There have never been unexplained military exercises before this. Prob. WW3.

No i dont remember that