Is this pic racist?


oh no! poor franklin, that was his name right?

the darkie has a stupid fucking haircut

Yeah snoopy is cunt blocking peppermint patty

Not the picture, just the children it depicts. Phone Post 3.0

Oh I'm sure someone will find a way to label it as such....never underestimate the power of the truly inept.

in all fairness, them crackas don't have the best haircuts either

The black has a better more comfy chair

ShanTheMan - The black has a better more comfy chair

but pink!

ShanTheMan - The black has a better more comfy chair

plus he has way more elbow room

Popped up on facebook, people were saying it was racist because no one sat next to franklyn

yea Charlie Brown had male pattern baldness

Yes. Clearly the Punjab feels superior to the Anglos making them huddle together on one side while he enjoys amble eating room. Phone Post 3.0

ShanTheMan - The black has a better more comfy chair
Tis also pink. Maybe hes supposed to ghey Phone Post 3.0

i'm assuming those are just folded up napkins on the plates. napkins folded to look like teepees, what's that, mocking native americans too? what the fuck charlie brown.

and who the fuck has strawberry ice cream sundaes with their turkey dinner!?!?!?!

maybe charlie brown and co got the low down on the knockout game

and thus the seating arrangement

When Charles Shultz introduced Franklin into the Peanuts strip it was actually quite shocking and created an uproar. Franklin was Shultz's way of supporting desegregation.

why did they place the popcorn closer to the black man? WHY?!

That's probably because he smells like shit Phone Post 3.0