Is This Proof That The South Isn't Racist?


Sweet potato pie and I shut my mouth.


No but it’s funny. My current gf is black and she thinks I’m racist being from the south.

I just don’t feel the need to justify any of my thoughts, feelings, or beliefs through validation from blacks, liberals, fags, or other groups.

And congrats on the bastard mulatto children, I guess…


Case closed

He lost me at “booyah”

See…and for me that really summed it up nicely.

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Congrats on dating a retard.

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If that flag represents racism, then the rainbow flag represents pedophilia.

Change my mind.

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Sounds like your current gf is a fucking Moran.

What would you suppose retarded women have going on down stairs?

We know retarded men have the almighty tard cock. One would assume that the female retard would also have a manifestation of some extreme with their genitalia. You guessing extra tight tard puss, or Grand Canyon gash?

I am pretty sure you’ll have no problem laying with a down syndrome girl to find out.