Is this really her?! That can't be her! (blueplz).

I mean, it kinda looks like her, but.... it REALLY her?!

dipsheet - I mean, it kinda looks like her, but.... it REALLY her?!

Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Eh who?! Phone Post 3.0

? Phone Post 3.0

Blanche Garcia?

If you mean Monica Lewinsky, I don't think so

Although I've seen a few recent pics and she'd still get it

Poor girl got the shaft

Literally Phone Post 3.0

I'm frankly stunned.

dipsheet -

I'm frankly stunned.

Phone Post 3.0

Nice Phone Post 3.0

No way not Monica, but Clinton would still cigar sniff her. Phone Post

It's either her doppelganger or a hell of a Photoshop job...

Oh shit, bros! I think we have our answer!....

Not's a pic of Monica.  She doesn't have brown eyes..



Thought it was Gina carano if I'm being honest... Phone Post 3.0

That girl only vaguely resembles Monica Lewinsky and secondly, the pictures are from over a year would have been pretty big news if she had posed for lingerie photos.  She just recenty gave an interview and that was national news...


I WANT TO BELIEVE!!...& raspberry those mushy, mushy thighs.

A good rule of thumb...if you find nude/near nude pics of a celebrity on one site that you have never heard of, and they are not on any major site...they are fake. 

Get off of my cloud!