Is this "Seasoned" Dating Guru a bit of a Pot/Kettle?

this was a good one, gave me a bit of a chuckle while also finding it to be a tad unpalatable

not sure I’m buying into his “younger women unicorns” theory and instead suspect that the “New Used Models” may be just as much of a “Hot Mess” as the “Classic Models”

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What is this douchebag’s point?

Older women have baggage? ZOMG!!

Ok, we all knew that. But if you’re a 45+ year old guy, then younger women will just be using you for stuff / money. But we all know that too.

Pick your poison.

Does this bald try-hard have anything new to say? I gave up 4 minutes in.


he considers himself a “Tall Buff Arm-Trophy” :rofl:

…and “SEASONED” was his reimagining of OLDman :laughing:

20s Tart: “what’s that OLDman SMELL?”

OLDman: “It’s SEASONING” :laughing:

These dating coaches praying on lonely guys are worse than women they claim to be protecting them from. They are worse because they give them a false hope… for a small fee.

What he is saying is all true, yes. This, “she is older and she knows what she wants now” is complete bullshit, women are as childish at 50 as they were at 15. In fact when they approach their GILF age they have their own version of mid life crisis and become more childish. And yes, women carry baggage, and so do men. Have you seen an average 42 year old? Full of bitterness. But that’s besides the point.

What all of these coaches have in common is this: They always speak from the position of power.

When they are describing a situation, they are talking from a point of this of a guy like this:

But the guys who they are describing a situation to, are guys like this:

All their stories always have guys who are successful, tall, have money, are handsome, basically a man version of a hot, new, tech gadget. I bet that’s fucking hard to sell… These guys always have lots of options and they can pick a woman after a woman.

Reality is that most average and below average guys have no options. That’s the problem and that’s what these coaches never talk about. For their coaching to work, there needs to be fuel, but how do you start an engine if there is no fuel?

I made an analogy of a man compared to a store in another thread. Basically, as a man, you need to be like a store. You do not move, you are stationary and you offer something and customers visit you. You never chase the customer to the street.

But what happens if nobody is visiting your store? That’s how it is for lots of guys.

What you need to realize is what you are. You are a store. And if you run outside, after the customer, you are not going to get a customer, you’re going to get police called on you. Never chase.

Work on yourself as much as you can, work on your fitness, career, speaking, etc. I am not saying not to give a shit. Be smart and maximize your chances. And if still no one is visiting, realize that’s just how it is.

Relationships with women are very easy and simple. Just like cats, just like a customer walking by. They choose to walk in. They choose you. You smile, welcome them in and take care of them. The very moment you feel like you are chasing after a customer, the moment you feel like you are pulling in a relationship. It’s over. Let go.

Now here’s a modern problem: These stores are available online. And there are these Sean Connery stores. And they don’t give a fuck, it’s easy for them to attract customers and they get them in. All customers welcome!

Now these customers would rather queue up to visit the Sean Connery store, rather than go to another store. They would rather not go to any store at all if they can’t go into the Sean Connery store because they can get it, it’s that it’s busy.

And that’s your modern dating.


Yep, if you are an average guy just try to improve yourself. Start working out, get a haircut, get your teeth whitened, get some new clothes, etc. It’s not rocket science, it’s just good old fashion common sense.

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i’m 44 and will turn 45 next month. been with my wife for 20 years this november. married for 16 years this coming january.

all that being said, i think people WAY over think dating these days.

do you have a solid job, planning for retirement, work out regularly and not have too many degenerate habits? if so, you’ll have zero issues attracting a women that is in line with where you are in your life.

are you a fat incel living in your parents basement unemployed and have never seen the inside of a gym? no chick wants to fuck that guy, not one.

when i was partying in the mid-late 90s/early 00s if you had even a decent personality, worked out and made some money in your pocket you could smash good looking to smoking hot chicks on the regular. granted, i’m 6’3" and was a shredded 195, but i had short friends that were hardworking grinders that REGULARLY hooked up with legit LA 8s/9s every weekend.

seems to me from these videos that most of the guys complaining about not hooking up enough or finding a mate are loser incels that live with their parents, don’t have a fucking job and look like a bag of lard. bottom line is they just don’t want to put in the work.


Who’s the chubby baldy and what makes him qualified to drive around telling me how to live ?. .


according to the video he considers himself a “BUFF Arm-Trophy”