Is this the best dunk ever?

Could Vince Carter's dunk over Frederic Weiss be the greatest dunk in the history of basketball?


thats sick. he actually looks like tmac there.

It's the shiznizzle.

that was some incredible shit, keven garnett looked like he was going to have a baby after that dunk

Are you saying that Kevin Johnson dunked on Hakeem?!?!!?!? HOLY SHIT!!!!! PICS!??!!?!?

although i have to add carter would have been crushed trying that on a decent 7 footer

slowshot that KJ dunk was incredible

You refering to the KJ dunk in the 1994 or 95 playoffs??

KJ got the jump first, Hakeem tried to make a block at the last second and got stuffed.

And it wasn't like Hakeem got out of the way or something. Hakeem literally got stuffed ala Pippen/Ewing.

anyone have a real pic of that KJ dunk?

all i could find is a statue of it!

Also John Starks over 3 Bulls (Ho Grant, MJ and ???) in 1993 I think?

How about Jordan on top of the Charollette Hornet guy from baseline.


starks dunk over jordan

Nique had so many tip follow dunks they're starting to blend together.

Fredric Weiss is 7'2". Does anyone know how Vince would do against elite high jumpers?

I believe Richard Jefferson was a 7 foot high jumper.

The world record was set by Javier Sotomayor of Cuba at 2.45M which is about 8 feet! That's fucking ridiculous.

I went to college with Charles Austin, gold medal High Jumper. The dude would float when he played ball. He was one of the few that I think could touch the top of the backboard.

Bring back Spud webb! lol