Is this the HARDEST Dude in the world?

This is a straight up "G". Damn. i'd be running for my life!

Second only to the guy holding the camera. Phone Post 3.0

He's enjoying his smoke. No time to scurry back inside. Probably can't smoke in there. Nazis.

Runner up is the fucker cleaning the cobra pit out and slaps one in the head for trying to bite him. Phone Post 3.0

Shrapnel falling all around him like a meteor storm, the solider takes a drag from his cigarette, "you saw this... we have nothing to hide."

Like a fuckin comic book hero or some shit Phone Post 3.0

ithurts11 - He's a god nigga gratatata Phone Post 3.0
LOL Phone Post 3.0

cobra pit cleaner is the GOAT