Is this true about Tank?

I have heard from several people including fighters that have fought with him and they all tell me that Tank is gay?

I find this hard to beleive? Can anyone confirm eithier way?


I'd fake my orgasm.

I can see him in a leather bar.

What about his talk about Freddy Mercury after the Severn fight?

"I would feel very sorry for Tank's prison cellmate"

I feel more sorry for UFC for paying him $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

"Hard to imagine a woman being attracted to Tank."

And it's EASY to imagine a MAN being attracted to him?!?!!?


When I saw him at the UFC in miami he had a super hot chick sitting on his lap through the whole show. If thats gay than sign me up! :)


The whole rumor comes from Big "Gay' Al's choice in wardrobe.

Lol. Tank represents every martial artists deepest fears. An untrained dude knocking them out. Tank gets so much grief for doing nothing, but getting off the bar stool and fighting. He will never be accepted here, because martial artists are all the same, they can't fathom an untrained, unskilled person walking off the street and beating them up. He may be old now and can't really compete, but he sure made alot of trained guys go to sleep.

Shingen bends Tank over, lubes up some astroglide, and slides right in the correct.

Known him since ever since and he is definatly not gay. He actually gets some pretty hot women.

I asked him that very question as I was fucking him in the ass, and he said No.

Thanks for the clarification westside, I was just tired of hearing it from people as I just found it hard to beleive and I am a huge tank fan who wanted to know the real truth.


Why do people talk about Tank as though he is totally untrained and unskilled? From what I've read, the guy had a solid wrestling background, plus trained boxing.

LOL at Crazy Zimmerman

Ask him......He will tell you he is gay!

Afterall most say he drinks fruity drinks.

When I first started visiting the MMA forums years ago, the BIG rumor was about Tank and a teenage boy with bleach blond hair who was his "training partner" (*wink*).

It was probably BS but a lot of guys from the California MMA scene were saying it.