Is this weird? Older laydie from me past

The street I grew up in there was a mixture of family homes to elderly residents that everyone knew. Nice neighbours.

There was this nice particular nice old lady who was in her 70’s who would always be nice to us young kids playing outside our homes. She didn’t stand out from any of our older neighbours.

Anyway there were always rumours she was a prostitute. I had herd that term before “prostitute” but was too young to know what it meant and laughed along when people mentioned her.

Years later as an adult I’ve had people verify that she infact was one.

Looking back she did always have male visiters but I assumed she had son’s and nethrew’s stopping by.

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Oh, JabToucher. I miss you having the first post on every thread in the Mayberry. haha.

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Hi friend. You beat me to it


Apparently it was an open secret that all the neighbours knew of. But she kept her self to herself and didn’t bother anyone.

She was whorin in her 70s?


Legit yes. Was like your normally old bird in a care home type. I was too young to see what was going on, unlike the older kids and adults.

the men who paid to fuck her should be arrested for elder abuse

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I got that card for my dad for his birthday.

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