Is this workout a bad idea?

1st, general BWE all week. You know, pushups, pull and chinups, dips and ab work. Twice a week, hit the weights and do 4 exercises: power cleans, deadlifts, push press and squats. I do this because I hate going to the gym but I recognize that weights do make a difference. Lost 10 lbs, look leaner (though I am still a pudge) and feel like I am stronger, so far. Have not hurt myself either. Not yet, anyway.

The best workout plan is the one you actually follow.

You can leave out the squats, you already have 2 lower body dominant (although they're posterior chain exercises)exercises...the squats are too much. If might be best if you substitute the deadlift or power clean with a narrow stance squat or the front squat...they would target the quads. All three of your lower body exercises target the same muacles...posterior chain.