Is Tito really as nice as he

appears on TUF 3? Or is it all an act for the show?


"seems like the voice of reason in the house. don't get all the hate. I'm rooting for him to win the whole thing. If he is training with Bravo, he can probably pull it off."

Yeah, he seems really cool on the show. I am just wondering if what I am seeing is legit. He has always been represented as a childish asshole....I am curious.

I'm still not a fan, but I definitely have more respect for him after seeing him on the show.

Tito has won me over and

that is the REAL act. He is not very diplomatic. Pretty freaking blunt Always.

I've only met Tito once, but he was exactly that guy you see on TUF, just shooting the shit with me about fights and fighters for 5 minutes. He was very friendly, respectful, and chill. No cameras, talking to a MMA nobody.

My friend just told me that his brother and sister-in-law got stuck in a flight delay with him for an hour and a half. They didn't know anything about the sport, but came away big fans of Tito.

I've never heard anything bad from someone who's met him face to face, only from keyboard warriors.

I was pretty impressed also.

Getting the deaf interpreter.

Then cooking for his guys.

I don't know him personally, and I've never been a fan, but from what I've seen on this show, he's REALLY cool dude.

Titos guys seems to love him

Tito is one of my favorite dudes in MMA. I have no problem with his in ring persona. So much adrenaline, that all bets are off when you step into that cage.

I've been watching Tito from his first appearance on UFC as an Alternate. I thought he was a jerk in his interview and hated him since. However, he does come off as a nice guy at times.

My take, he's probably a nice guy that sold his dignity to make a few extra bucks. Kinda like a Hector Macho Camacho or Prince Haseem Hamed. I can't stand any of them, and I still can't stand Tito. I like the Randy Couture and Rich Franklin types. I have more respect for them. However, if Tito Ortiz was my coach, I'd do whatever he says, because I do have respect for him as a fighter and coach. Just don't care for his marketing tactics.