Is too much protein bad?

What happends if you take in too much protein. I do weight lift and train MMA. Right now I weigh 150 lbs, and I try to take in about 1 gram per lbs. What happens to the access protein, if i were to take over 200 grams per day?

you shit it out.

Be stored as fat if not burned off.

This is the worst place to get medical advice. You should really consult a MD. If you must know too much protein can damage your kidneys as it's trying to flush it out of your system.

Remember, your body cannot process more protein than it needs, hence the guideline of 15-20% of calories coming from protein sources.

The extra protein consumed is used as energy, just as your body uses fat for energy. However, the surplus waste products from burning excess protein place an extra burden on the kidneys. This is what puts people at a risk for kidney stones and other kidney disorders.

Also, surplus protein drains calcium from the body, perhaps contributing to osteoporosis. As for the best protein absorption: Protein from animal sources are considered "complete proteins" so if eaten by themselves are absorbed readily by the body. However, many plant based proteins are "incomplete proteins", so they should be consumed with some starch. That would mean eating your dal with rice or roti. Adding the rice or roti makes the dal a "complete protein".

cool hand is correct.  you can actually cause organ damage

If you want to get technical about it here's a really good paper regarding minimum and optimal protein requirements. The first author is Cordain, PhD, proponent of the Paleolithic Diet.

too much of anything is bad

hell too much water will kill you

Nothing like having the protein squirts...

Can u make sure that there is no undue strain on your kidneys by drinking a shitload of water. I know I drink over a gallon of water Monday-Friday (pissing all day at work), weekends is probably 2-3 liters.

Although my primary diet is chicken and greens, I do sometimes worry about the excess protein.

Doctors are not experts at everything. I believe there has been case studies at pubmed

You CAN damage your kidneys. But we are talking sick amounts here

You will fart alot and may even have the occasional shart.

Yes. Protein is actually toxic and too much can damage your kidneys.

My doctor who specializes in Sports Medicine, is the Rutgers Lacrosse Teams Dr., is the sports Medicine director at the county hospital. He tells me that you need 1.5grams of protein per kg of weight.

1lb = 2.12kg

155lbs = 73.11kg x 1.5gram/kg = 110grams of protein.

He did tell me that extra protein of 150grams for a 155lbs man is not going to kill you but your body will not utilize it all at once.

Keep this in mind, weight gain is caloric input > caloric output. So if you consume more calories then your burn, you put weight on. Even though protein is oxidized to fat the slowest, it still can and will if your intake is greater then your expenditure.

You will be fine. Surprisingly, there is a bunch of idiots here.

if you had to pick, is it better to take in more protien on days that you lift or days that you are resting? Also if you lift in the afternoon is it better to drink a shake in the morning or right before you lift or after?

Damage kidneys - this is laughable on 200g of protein daily. I would bet most of these fools do not know what a proper diet is and what they are eating is more damaging than a measly 200g of protein.

The issue of high protein intake and kidney stones is real - but certainly doesn't mean that everyone on a high protein diet will get stones - but rather it increases your risk.

Protein tends to drive the pH of your urine down while fruits and vegetables drives it up. A lower urine pH will make some individuals more likely to form kidney stones. It has been established that patients on the Atkin's Diet have a higher incidence of stones.

Athletes can be particularly prone to kidney stones because they often get dehydrated, especially during periods of intense training. Dehydration is the number one risk factor for kidney stones.

A high fluid intake is protective. By keeping the salts in your urine dilute, they are much less likely to crystallize and form stones. How much should you drink? It depends, but a good rule of thumb is to keep you urine clear. If it becomes dark yellow - you need to drink more.

Finally, adding lemon juice (high in citrate with is an inhibitor of calcium stones) to your drinking water can help and is often done to help prevent recurrent calcium stones. Orange juice is also high in citrate and will also help raise urine pH.

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dr atkins was pretty sure protein doesnt turn to fat