Is Trump Firing All These Folks For Justification.

Is Trump Firing All These Folks For Justification to Fire Sessions?

Word is that the plan will be to put in Pruitt (EPA head) since he won't have to recuse himself.

(1) Will Trump make this move? And

(2) Will he face Obstruction of Justice charges if he makes this move and Mueller is fired or Mueller's recommendation is ignored?




It wouldn't suprise me if the rumours that Pruitt is next in line for AG came from Pruitt himself. He's been very open about wanting the job. More importantly, though, I don't think McConnell has the appetite for another contentious confirmation process so close to the mid-terms. Pompeo's will be combative enough. Pruitt's would be a goddamn circus.

I would welcome the firing of Sessions.

Mattis better never be fired though.