Is Tucker New Leader for IDIOT PEASANTS?

Pretty simple that you are gaslighting.

that would be CNN 24/7

You are the one propagating misinformation.

What is truly sad is that he is serious

He is so deep in the mindless tribalism

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Can you name 1 thing you are more successful than tucker at? Any metric whatsoever? He is smarter wealthier, more famous and respected. Has a great wife and family. What about you? Lol a retard stirring up shit on a forum is your highlight of success lol

Sorry I hurt your fragile feelings snowflake

Maybe watch Tucker for a double dose of your usual rage, tribalism and cultural grievance??

So zero
Lol how about you just be quiet. Work on making yourself more successful… you are the one coming on here trashing a guy infinitely smarter and more successful than you can ever dream of being

How about yourself Androb? What are you doing as a productive member of society other than idolizing some asshat on TV?

You chuckle fucks talk about TV being bad but only to those channels you are told to not like. So what’s the fuckin difference?

I don’t watch tucker… but I think it’s hilarious when guys like you make anyone who has has reached the pinnacle of their career out to be dumb or a loser
If you have issue with what Tucker says. Then state it and make your point. But you brought zero to the forum except slinging mud against a guy who is better by every metric I can think of than you

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Fox News Dominates Prime Time, CNN’s New Day Stumbles in Monday Ratings (

Fox News Dominates Prime Time, CNN’s New Day Stumbles in Monday Ratings

Marisa Sarnoff 4 hrs ago

Fox News continued its winning streak across the board in Monday ratings, garnering nearly as many viewers in prime time as CNN and MSNBC combined, while CNN’s New Day took a hit in the valuable demographic of viewers age 25-54.

Fox’s prime time lineup drew 2.76 million total viewers, and 450,000 in the demo, according to data from Nielsen. MSNBC was second, with 1.89 million total viewers, and 260,000 in the demo. CNN was third, averaging 1.05 million total viewers, and 228,000 in the demo.

Fox and Friends also won the early morning, with 1.07 million total viewers, and 185,000 in the demo. MSNBC’s Morning Joe was second, with 1.02 million total viewers, and 140,000 in the demo. CNN’s recently revamped New Day averaged less than half of the total viewers of either of its competitors, with 456,000, and just 97,000 viewers in the demo.

In total day viewers, Fox was first with 1.54 million total viewers, and 266,000 in the demo. MSNBC was second in total viewers, with 1.12 million, and third in the demo, with 141,000. CNN was third in total viewers, with 724,000, and second in the demo, with 168,000.

No surprises in the five most-watched shows in cable news Monday, with Tucker Carlson Tonight notching the most total viewers, with 3.08 million, and also the most in the demo, with 494,000. Hannity was second, with 2.83 million total viewers, and 448,000 in the demo. The Five was third, with 2.74 million total viewers, and 423,000 the demo. The Rachel Maddow Show took fourth in total viewers, with 2.46 million, and fifth in the demo, with 362,000. The Ingraham Angle was fifth in total viewers, with 2.35 million, and fourth in the demo, with 407,000.


Donald Trump Head Nod GIF

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You’re black, go away.

LOL Brilliant Reply, well done EG!

Lol you snowballers are adorable

another ZINGER! fantastic save Bebop!

I don’t watch TucKaren Bill Mehhh… or any of that nonsense, I’m just here for the laughs and this thread is my cup of tea!

Think about how dumb these idiot Magatards are. I kinda want them to stay like this because they will never win over the middle ground voters. Yes PLEASE stick with the MUH MASKS are evil and Biden is coming for your guns mentality. See how far that gets you in elections you fucking dolts. I love that your shitty mentality is what is sinking your ship. Have fun with that dipshits

It is funny how unhinged Tucker has the left over his commentary. These are real lunatics screaming at the sky anytime he speaks.

Non stop coverage of him and he has become public enemy #1 of the leftists.

How dare Tucker call the left out for the pure insanity they are trying to implement throughout the country. Clearly he has struck a very deep chord.

Oh Tucker believes nothing he says. No wait literally everything he says is a lie. Unreal the absurd commentary.

The left is trying to turn this country into a living breathing Onion article and fortunately we have people like Tucker (among others) calling that shit out.

Tucker is a joke. A cheerleader for the right and a boogeyman for the left.

All you idiots should be ashamed for watching him and giving him any attention.

Trumpers pretend thst they don’t watch fox news, but they never miss Tucker. The left is retarded cause they take everything he says seriously.

Bunch of morons

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I don’t take Tucker seriously but he is a master at his craft! Watch how the IDIOT PEASANTS show up nightly for their doses of rage, tribalism and fear mongering…

It’s more a statement about the angry right than Tucker himself. But again Tucker is a master demagogue