Is TUF a Dirty Job?

Ok so I apologize if this has been discussed previously.

I always thought the narrator for TUF sounded like the dude from the show Dirty Jobs.

Today I watched the credits, and it's indeed Mike Rowe.

Just found it interesting... Zuffa must have tied him up from season one.

 no way?

Way. Dirty Jobs is the most underrated show on TV. Dude is hilarious.

Holy Crap! I knew I recognized that voice. Dirty Jobs rocks.

He does a lot of voice over work, not just TUF

He does TONS of voice over work...almost all the shows on Discovery, Ford commercials, and hell he even hosts a local real estate show here in DC.

Dirty Jobs is a very underrated show and Mike Rowe is the man.

He narrates "Deadliest Catch" on the Discovery channel as well.

He used to be on QVC selling diamonds, look it up on YouTube he was so weird.

I knew that he started with the Deadliest Catch, then he got to pitch Dirty Jobs. Once DJ took off Ford hooked him up (notice all the Ford truckson DJ?) but I didn't think it would be him on TUF. But I know that's the same voice so he's been doing it since the first season.

now this was Mikes dirtiest job

That's the one, nice find.

Now this is a "Dirty" job ;)



awesome.dirty jobs is a great show. mike seems like a cool guy to grab a beer with.

Mike Rowe is the man!!!

Interesting tidbit - He started out as a professional opera singer.

He did all the voice over work for American Chopper. The company that produced American Chopper, also produces TUF.

They should have Mike do a Dirty Jobs show on being a cutman in a bloody fight.

Mike Rowe is Street