Is tuf on tonight?

? Phone Post

Nope Phone Post

Why? Phone Post

Because there are only the final fights left?

One Fedor asks, another answers.

Guessing thanksgiving Phone Post

Tom O'BentOverByFitch - 

Because there are only the final fights left?

I thought it was the semi's this week?


Is it not on??


I thought Ricci vs Hill and the other fight (RIvera vs... Manle?) was gonna be on tonight?


I know there's no Bellator, but I thought atleast there would be TUF.

Dana only uses TUF to counter Bellator...

Nope. They won't let them bang, bro.... Phone Post

julian is banging on fuel right now

They didn't let them bang bro...not this week :/

I actually stopped watching when I found out Carwin was injured. First season I ever haven't finished watching. I am way behind on Smashes too. Phone Post

I was looking foward to the Ricci fight, what gives Phone Post

There are fights on MSG- Miller vs Guillard Phone Post

Still two more fights left until the finals. Phone Post

Oops its actually 4 fights left so probably 2 more episodes. Phone Post

If I was in TUF house I would want Fedor as my coach Phone Post