Is Tyson Griffin the real deal?

Is this guy worthy of the hype or is Zuffa just trying to build up a new fighter they could sign for peanuts?

The Following is Mr. Griffin's record. Judge for yourself.

7-0 record
Win Duane Ludwig TKO (Strikes) Strike Force-Revenge 6/9/2006 1 3:57

Win Chuck Kim Submission (Rear Naked Choke) GC 49-Face Off 4/8/2006 1 3:34

Win Marvin Manibusan TKO FFCF 5-Unleashed 1/27/2006 1 4:05

Win Jorge Evangelista KO GC 46-Avalanche 12/11/2005 1 3:14

Win Urijah Faber TKO GC 42-Summer Slam 9/10/2005 3 0:05

Win Cody Williams Submission (Rear Naked Choke) GC 36-Proving Grounds 4/9/2005 1 2:05

Win Ryan Frost TKO GC 32-King of the Hill 11/18/2004

Fuck Yes he is...

Doubt it. He beat Bang and Faber. Thats enough to show me the guy's got talent.

The Calf Cruncher


Being that only one of his opponents has made it out of the first round against him and the fact that he destroyed two highly regarded lightweights says that he is indeed the real deal. He belongs in the UFC.

the best part 3 weeks you will get your opinion is..YES

^^Well said Franco!

Yes he is.

Griffin = The REAL Real Deal

Edit: Demolishing Bang or Faber one, MIGHT be able to be taken for a fluke(and a damn lucky one). Doing it to both of them? Nuh-uh. No one's that lucky.

UFC website says TYSON GRIFFIN is the NEXT BIG THING. They would not say that if it wasnt certain. Expect ROGAN and GOLDIE to be touting him as the most prominent up and comer on the UFC horizon, and ROGAN and GOLDBERG are not wrong about such things.

I been telling people how good Griffin is for a while.

You will see.

His fight with Faber was a WAR.


His bottom game is solid. He got taken down by Faber early and Faber is a cardio GNP machine. He hung tough and they had a ton of scrambles and reversals and finished Faber with a perfect right hand as the third round began...timed right into a Faber Superman punch.

Griffin is a bad dude.

yes he is... just watch and see for yourself!

No Doubt.

Tyson has a ton of raw talent and is a natural..You mix that with a great coach and a great team to train with and it will always equal success..this kid is legit.I have had the pleasure of training with him from the first time he came through our doors..I have watched him grow as a person and a fighter.He has a great support system and fights not only for himself but for them also.His mom is one of the greatest ladies i have ever met and it shows in tyson.He will prove to everyone what WE already know..He will be one of the "great" ones..Franco

Tyson is a stud, hard worker, constanly trying to get better and his talent based on who has beat already is real. He's young and hungry and will be a player in the game for a long time.

Let's hope the main card goes quick so everyone will get to see his fight on ppv.

I think he is and have heard he is...looking foward to seeing him in a few weeks in ufc.

he is the next big thing. im glad to see he finally getting the props that he deserves. good luck to tyson.