"Tanikawa said that although K-1 Rules would be best, a final decision on the bout's format would be made at a later date, possibly when Tyson 's opponent is announced."

So if there isnt even a rules list yet, how can we believe Tyson is legitimately signed to fight at least once. What if K-1 asks for K-1 rules, or MMA, and Tyson declines? I dont see how you can consider him signed to fight, when then there arent any rules announced.... I dont see him fighting MMA or K-1 rules.

EXACTLY/.... They said he was signed 6 months ago...then they came out and said he was signed just for "promotional purposes" and not to the same shit.

How the fuck can you be signed to fight, and not even have a set of established rules for your supposed fight?

"No he's not they post the same bowlsheet every six months. Not gonna happen."

this is very true

every six months

Tyson still has millions of dollars to make in boxing. With the way boxing is right now talent wise, tyson has a legit shot of getting a belt. As a matter of fact, i will bet big money that tyson will win a belt if he goes back to boxing. Hell even foreman is coming back at the age of 50 because he thinks he can compete with todays boxers.