Is UFC 160 as good a card as we think?

Objectively, I'm not sure if this card is as good as we think it sounds on paper.

Cerrone vs. Noons is compelling, but I feel like Cerrone either beats Noons by decision or Noons knocks out Cerrone. Not really liking this could go either way feeling.

Maynard vs. Grant. I liked Maynard vs. Lauzon better but I guess we gotta deel with this one. I see Maynard as taking it to Grant and if Grant proves me wrong then consider me a monkey's uncle.

Teixeira Vs. Te Huna. I liked Teixeira fighting Bader more, because it would be another top fighter like Rampage, but no offense to Te Huna, but he's not a top 7 guy like Rampage or Bader was. DIsappointing but should be fireworks.

Dos Santos Vs. Hunt. Okay, you got me here. This one's good. This is the fight we asked for and Uncle Dana delivered. Thanks Uncle Dana.

Cain Velasquez Vs. Bigfoot Silva. Well, I guess it shows how much of first fight was bad luck and how much was just Cain being Cain. I'd say this fight is compelling, but I think we know that Cain could probably take Bigfoot down from an ankle pick again and maybe TKO without bloodying him up. Who knows. I know that it looks like Cain woulda whooped Fedor in 2009 now.

Undercards, not bad. Can't complain. Ultimate excitement.

I like it... Phone Post 3.0

Solid card, but not fantastic.

It's brought down by the main event for me which I have almost zero interest in. Phone Post 3.0

I don't see how you don't like
Noons/cowboy it's gonna be a hell of a fight Phone Post 3.0

Don't like? I love this card, bro. I just am saying that this card may not be "as good as we think". Phone Post

cain vs bigfoot 2 is a pointless fight.  the only relevance it has is for history nerds trying to figure out who the lineal champion in the HW division is.  If only overeem won and Cain got the opportunity to beat his ass down.

every other fight on the main card is really good.

JDS vs hunt is a very very good fight because neither guys has a ground game.

Maynard vs TJ grant is a #1 contenders bout for the LW title.

Cerrone vs noons should be a very fun fight.


Didn't read lol Phone Post 3.0

stopped reading at "I guess we have to deal with Maynard vs Grant"


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Poopyface TomatoNose - 

Don't like? I love this card, bro. I just am saying that this card may not be "as good as we think". Phone Post

As who thinks? Are there people who are calling this the card of the year or something? It's a great card and should provide several great fights - not much more to it.

Cerrone/Noons is one of those fights to me that couldn't possibly not be entertaining. It either ends in a finish, or it's an exciting decision. Te Huna vs Glover is an amazing fight and one that Te Huna could very well pull off the upset in. This is potential FOTN material, IMO. Grant vs Maynard is a really good match up. Grant has looked like an absolute savage since moving down to LW, and I think it'll be intriguing to see whether Gray chooses to stand with TJ, and TJ winning would be huge. I think he can finish Gray. Dos santos vs Hunt is a dream match up to me, and like you said, BLAF really hooked it up by making this fight. This fight is one of the main reasons I'll be attending this card. The main event, while it seems predictable, I am interested to see what happens if Bigfoot is able to make this fight last longer than the first. He was completely blindsided by Cain's attack in the first fight and got completely overwhelmed. My prediction is that Cain does the same thing, but finishes in round 2 or 3. Either way, I think this card should be filled with MANY highlights and great memories. And the undercard has some great scraps. Oh yeah and, WAR HUNT. Phone Post 3.0