Is UFC's accident-insurance coverage to blame?

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                                Is UFC's accident-insurance coverage to blame?

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True: There has been a significant increase in fighters pulling out of fights due to training injuries.

True: Zuffa LLC (the UFC and Strikeforce's parent company) recently secured accident-insurance coverage for some types of training injuries.

Conclusion: More fighters are scratching from a fight because they have insurance coverage.

Is that an accurate conclusion, or is it something else that is being entirely overlooked?

Maybe MMA has evolved to a level that is overtaxing the human body.

Maybe current training methods are inadequate and actually causing injuries. Maybe the deleterious effects of extreme weight cutting are leading to increased training injuries. You don't see this in other high-contact sports such as NFL football.

Maybe there is more performance-enhancing-drug use in MMA than many would like to believe or admit. Remember: Bigger, stronger, faster comes with consequences.

It could be a lot of things.

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From MMAJunkie:

First four months of 2011 (before insurance issued): 24 fighters pulled out of fights

Last two months (after insurance issued May 9th): 25 have pulled out of fights

Definitely has a huge part to play.

does have something to do with it, but I doubt its the major factor. There are cycles when injuries seem to occur more often.


In my 11+ years following this sport I have never seen or read about so many fights canceled due to injury. I guess it is the CORPORATE EQUIVALENT OF CALLING IN SICK!! HAHA

Oh and yes.... the Accident Insurance is making it easier for guys to pull out of fights.

they stole it from my thread the other day sigh

meanwhile we have HUNDREDS of guys just sitting on the shelf waiting for fights.

Bottom line is either UFC needs to have more events or there needs to be another promotion to give those guys waiting on the sidelines chance to fight.

 Plus, now that the UFC has more weight divisions and more fighters, the pressure to win becomes much greater.  These guys don't want to compete at less than 100 percent.  Can't blame em.

Good question...But I say NOPE.

Lmfao at comparing it to the NFL... Phone Post

MMA is just a rough sport. Guys are always being hurt and I have never gone through an intense training/sparring session and not felt something hurting after. I think people underestimate the number of fighters that step in the cage with at least some kind of minor injury and now that fighter insurance is available, they are being more careful with how they treat their bodies. No one ever really fights at 100%.

It may be a pain in the short-term because more shuffling of matches will happen, but the UFC is getting big enough to handle that with a larger roster of fighters and more fight cards. I think this will be good for the athletes and the sport in general as we will see them endure longer careers because they are taking better care of themselves.

NFL? You mean the sport where you wear enough body armour and a helmet to protect you from most nuclear explosions?

I think guys are finally getting themselves checked out when theyre hurt instead of sucking it up and making it worse. Add that with the pressure they are under to win and keep their jobs and this is what happens.

No, the reason is everyone knows their one loss away from getting cut depending on which way the wind is blowing.


In my 11+ years following this sport I have never seen or read about so many fights canceled due to injury. I guess it is the CORPORATE EQUIVALENT OF CALLING IN SICK!! HAHA

in your 11+ years following the sport there has never been anywhere near as many events and fights put on as there are now. So the number doesn't matter nearly as much as the percentages do.

this year is getting pathetic, its hard to get excited for upcoming fights when you know thers like a 60 % or higher chance that the fight wont happen, it basciacly makes the rankings and titles uselss, that bones jones rashad thing is very weird to me, jones says he cant fight, than when its to late he said nvm im ok to fight now, can guys with titles avoid figthers this way now?

Ultimate Injuring Championship

Could be a combination of injury insurance and the stakes being so much higher $ wise ...but its a good thing IMO

Fighters shouldn't have to go into fights badly injured because they need the money and have no insurance.

Ken Shamrock is a prime example. He fought for years with no ACL's and it didn't exactly benefit him, not being able to move.