is uno vs franca II happening?

I just watched all of the first fight for the first time:

uno dominated in the first round and hermes brought it on strong in the second but uno was still handling him...until that freak slam which had uno on queer street until hermes closed the deal with a ko punch

I heard about a second fight happening this month, but haven't heard anything lately

is this fight happening or not?

ttt for uno's revenge

Uno is fighting Penn, Hermes and and Hansen this month.

Uno isnt fighting Penn.

ah, that would make sense, groundwork...because I was thinking it was supposed to be mid-december

those two need to rematch, for sure


I'd like to see Uno fight Josh Thompson in the UFC.

I would like that too, tomato can...

sure he doesn't FCFBlazer...but hermes was the rookie and uno the vet, going into that deserves a rematch

And Franca did accept a rematch with Uno, who turned it down.

i thought franca vs yves was happening coz hansen is hurt? to me i more excited for yves/franca II.i think its clementi vs. ryan schultz then yves vs franca on the other bracket.