is vera ever going to fight again?

thats the way you lose steam rolling momentum right there. we miss you man. you ever coming back?

lost one fan

Brandon, please try to get the Shogun fight... face the current #1 LHW in the world! It would be like the big version of Diaz/Gomi

Im a fan of Vera, cant wait to see him fight again.

No. He announced that he's never going to fight again in a world.

he should fight cro Cop at UFC 75 instead of Kongo, that would be awesome.

The Dana put Brandon Vera on the shelf for trying to get more money for himself. The Dana hates this kind of behavior.

Dana has stated that the delay has been due to Brandon's agent. To paraphrase the original interview, Vera's agent had him believing he should hold out for big dollars, and the UFC refused to cave.

Now I know everyone will hate on Dana for this, but to be fair, though Vera is undefeated, he hasn't stepped to the top of the ladder yet, so...

For the love of God, don't pull a Frank Shamrock Brandon.. That would be so sucky.

Brandon Vera looks forward to killing you all soon!!!

i really like his style. we need him at 205 in my opinion. the 205 weight class is really lacking at this moment.

Yeah I guess Brandon wanted to be off-air since last November. It must be part of his master plan.

If Dana caved all the youngens would start an uprising demanding more cash.

He needed to make an example of the first fighter to demand more.

Besides I heard Pride caved for much less than Vera was demanding.

VERA said he's coming back to the UFC in 2008 as a LHW.

Vera please come back!

I love watching Vera fight, very well rounded skill set. Stand up, good clinch, good wrestling, and slick ground game. I hope to see him back in the cage soon.

Brandon was down at The Armory last week, super nice guy. He had come into town for a few days and worked with Rob Kaman. Looking forward to some "news" soon

The Armory

He was on the Fight Girls show last night. Not sure if it is a re-run, just started watching because it was mentioned here.

He apparently is married to one of the girls and was helping her get ready for her fight.

Guess he should of stuck around the ufc is on fire.

He already said in a recent interview he will be back in 2008 and was calling out all the 205 fighters