Is Vitor lazy?

During many fights and interviews, it looks like he is somewhere else.

maybe he has a short attention span, but i highly doubt that he's lazy.

Maybe because his sister is missing......... maybe being in a limbo situation with not knowing where she is or what has happened to her, is hell..............

Still recovering from the previous night with wifey most probably... I sure would be.

Look at Vitor's body. If you have ever tried working out, you will know that no lazy person can be in shape like that.

I am sure he is lazy. Look at his shitty beak.

i am lazy

I'm lazy too. I can see him behaving the same way and
PTM2020 makes an excellent point. So does Momita.

PTM2020, he's sad because the flower fell off & all that's left is leaves?? that is a sensitive man........

yea that pot belly tells it all