Is Vitor the best ever?

I see a lot of thread saying that Franck was the best ever.

Now everyone know that when Franck stopped fighting there is one guy that he would not fight and this guy was Vitor.

another point : if Vitor, like Franck has stopped fighting 5 years ago, just after his win over Vanderlei, everybody would be speaking now about how he was a legend and the best ever. but the point is that Vitor, contrary to Franck has continued to fight and has lose some fights due to that.

So my point is : if Franck had continued to fight he would have lost some fights too like all the other fighters he would not be cosidered now like the best ever but only like a fighter landa with good skills..

so stop telling me that he is the best.


Impossible to discuss a non-issue in any way practical.

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That would've been an awesome fight. But it seems like when Frank was becoming the MAN in the UFC, Belfort left for Pride. Also, Belfort fought as a heavyweight during his early years in UFC.

Franck ? if you talking about Frank Shamrock (Notice the missing c) you are sorely mistaken =/

If Vitor is the best ever, then Randy stomped the best ever. What would that make Randy?

Randy is the best ever at LHW. People will argue for Silva, but Randy has undoubtedly had better competition and yet demolished everyone in front of him at LHW.

Randy = uh not quite

No. Couture is the man.

Vitor is FAR from the best ever.

Drizzt7000 got it almost right. Vitor is VERY FAR from the best ever.

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Its not a hard question to answer HELL NO!


My opinion is that Vitor is probably one of the most talented fighters ever but he lacks the determination and heart like Couture has.

Clearly Vitor is better than Randy.

anyone who didnt fight vitor is the worst eva

The point of this thread is not that Vitor is the best ever, rather that Frank is not the best ever. But you all missed that because you're idiots.