Is white knighting ruining the forum?

I've seen several threads over the last few years that have been derailed because people blur the boundaries of this forum with real life.

This is unfortunate as this forum really used to be an awesome place where people would share stories and real life experiences without the fear that someone would try to play "Net Detective" and track down the people the thread was about.

I'm all about having a good time, but fucking with someone in real life is pretty low.

I'm thinking its the newer members that are mostly guilty of this (my apologies if I am incorrect) as I think that 4chan mentality of doxxing someone has permeated the OG and forums alike and it really has fucked over quite a number of great threads.

In any case, what say you OG? Is white knighting ruining this forum? Phone Post 3.0

Not using the search function, IMO.   






K, I'm outta here.

Yes. Phone Post 3.0


Just forwarded this thread all to your coworkers.

It's not ruining it I don't think, but we have to realize we have to be careful what we post.


The bigger any place gets, the more idiots it gets.  Post personal stuff at your own risk.


It's the new rules of the game on the net, especially with a place this size.


not ruining



What's ruining the forum is fuckers not using the search function or bothering to look if a thread on a hot topic has been created.

How many "cat saves kid from dog" and the story about the kids in the bouncy house that blew away threads were made? You had 3-4 threads on each subject.

The general bitching and whining threads made by the same people on the same subjects over and over are ruining the forum.

We get it. You don't like cops/religion/pitbulls/black people/etc. You made that clear by the 15th time you made a thread about it,


This is why we cant have nice things. Phone Post 3.0

Didn't you just get a new job? How do you think your new employers feel about you stealing money from them by posting on this forum all day? Maybe I should tell them what you are up to?

Mata_Leon - Didn't you just get a new job? How do you think your new employers feel about you stealing money from them by posting on this forum all day? Maybe I should tell them what you are up to?

Another big problem on this forum is people commenting on things without bothering to read what's been posted or articles linked about a subject.

He doesn't start until the 27th

Darn U Exo animated GIF

Wow, this thread escalated quickly

Fighting -
Gojira Ninja - 
Fighting - 
Gojira Ninja - 
Mihow - 
Gojira Ninja - Uh, yes. Im guessing that this post is in reference to the thread I made this morning.

It's pretty ridiculous, really.

no you're just a faggot that said he's moving on with his day

yet here you are

someone explained to you what happened and you chose to ignore it and are now crying in multiple threads about it

I exited out of one thread, and entered another.

I don't like you. I would love it if you were closer so that I could punch you, where do you live now?

In actuality, I explained to you what happened and you all created your own internet macho version of yourself to try to re-tell a story that isn't yours. So you can kiss my ass. And if you live within 500 miles of me, I will drive to your doorstep and put my shin upside your neck.

LOL, that's a fight you would lose, fuckbag.  I would love to see mihow fold you up into a ball and punt you outta his yard. 

We're all tough guys when we have a keyboard right?

Some of us happen to be martial artists too. Whether he can or can't wouldn't deter me and the support of another anonymous keyboard tough guy doesn't make his internet presence more intimidating.

That's my point.  You assume to be able to beat up mihow without knowing anything about him.  He's a huge big bastard, and he's polish.  So there's that too.  If you weigh less then 3 bills you'd get ground into powder against him. 

Not if you could side step. Phone Post 3.0

And yeah we're all gonna kick each other's asses because of mean words typed at us.


I am guilty of this too, but the fact is, you would have to be a pretty deranged psycho to go and try to beat someone up that typed mean words at you.


Rock on.

The white knights. Have they ruined the OG? Yes and yes. Yes because they take something out of the room where we play. And yes because we can't identify them, bitch boys move in silence at least have some balls to say "I'm the hoe ass bitch that snitched".

First step is to have them sing up (mandatory) regular member/blue/fighter/white knight.

Wear it on your sleeves motherfuckers Phone Post 3.0