Is WWE Veering away from pg?

Has anyone noticed that WWE has started to veer away from the PG with the language, and content in recent weeks?

 Yep. They haven't shied away from the word "wrestling" either.

Yep now they are not ashamed of being wrestlers. Funny how Impact comes up with Wrestling Matters and then WWE eases up on their ban of the word.

TNA is the trendsetter of today's wrestling.

I thought the same thing the other day. They're not doing it across the board, but in places. Makes you wonder if they're not testing it out to see how it affects ratings (both of the show and of particular segments).

 The Senate race is over.

ArtWanderlei -  The Senate race is over.<img src="" alt="" />


also they are doing test audiences in new york and are finding out that people miss the rated r days.

Let's hope so. Attitude Era was so much better Phone Post