Is your job easy or hard?

Inked624 -

My job is a regular country club.

You're a caddie too? Phone Post 3.0

hard.... to stay awake

I find my job to be very easy. But thats based on how much less time and stress it takes me than my coworkers.

I would say in general it is a "hard" job, not physically at all though.

Conceptually pretty easy, so easy in fact I started an entire set of threads on the IT FORUM to try to teach people how to make $100K salary doing the same shit because I don't think I'm anything special - however, I have one attribute 95% of my co-workers don't ever have and that is I put a lot of stress on myself to meet management's unreasonable deadlines and I try to get tasks off my plate as fast as possible which in turn makes me more money and extends my contracts - so it can BE hard if you have my kind of intensity.

Kevin Shannon - hard (for the most part) because I have to deal/work with/understand/decipher/interpret electrical and mechanical engineers.
Haha. Same. Quality for Medical Devices. Phone Post 3.0

Easy once you have the knollage, I'm a DJ and believe it or not it's literally in its most simplistic form just a case of being able to count to four Phone Post 3.0

Mine's pretty tough, sit around and read forums on the UG then have to blink a few times because my eyes hurt then deal with a few people and get back on here only to start the process over....

It's hard because it's boring. It's so boring that i don't want to do it therefore making it hard. But the mney is great and I work whenever I want to . But the money is great so i work like 60 hours a week. Fuark

Mine's stressful....not always "hard", not always easy, but I'm always stressed the fuck out. Phone Post 3.0

Hard Phone Post 3.0

People think my job is hard, I'm a drayman (I deliver kegs of beer to pubs and clubs in the north of England) but it's a piece of piss and I love it Phone Post 3.0

I am trying to find a new career and am not very well educated or intelligent.

It is the hardest job I have ever had.

Mata_Leon - Physically, easy.

Mentally, hard.

Stress level, hard.

Schedule flexibility, easy.

Precisely my situation.

Small percentage owner and sales of commercial print and marketing trinkets.

The first couple of months, easy. Then 3 months of hell. Now, dead easy. I'm a programmer. I was hired as a graphics guy but there was almost nothing to do. So I got bored and taught myself to code. Steep learning curve at first. Now I have a huge code base and I pretty much copy and paste everything together. The other half the day I OG. I'm not making quite 100k yet, but I will soon. Phone Post 3.0

I could train a someone that isn't full retard in 6 months. Phone Post 3.0

Easy, just have to be organized.

The last 2 summers I took off every nice afternoon and lounged by a buddy/clients pool.

Only stress I've ever had is from idiot clients that I got rid of. xmas is a great time because I get invited to a ton of xmas parties. I have 1 this weekend, 2 next weekend, 1 the weekend after and 2 the following weekend.

I'm a bookkeeper for several businesses.

Customer service. I'm paid for my patience.

If everything is breaking, yeah.....tough day. Pretty gravy most of the time.

I have to work with mechanical and electrical engineers for validation from time to time. My experience parrots the earlier comments regarding engineers. Phone Post 3.0

Easy, I do over night care for Developmentally disabled adults. I normally work 10pm to 8am, I usually add in a 6pm to 10pm shift if there is one at the home I'm already going to be at.
Both homes I normally work in, neither client get up during the night. Only one in each home do I need to assist in the am with showering and both are only partial assist.
I make more than minimum wage and have 3days off and all week days with my kids. Phone Post 3.0

showbizconnor - Easy once you have the knollage, I'm a DJ and believe it or not it's literally in its most simplistic form just a case of being able to count to four Phone Post 3.0

KNOLLAGE Phone Post 3.0