isass.exe ???

If I get this message while trying to start up my computer am I f*cked????

Looks like you're infected. Keep in mind that Lsass.exe is a legitimate program, but Isass.exe is a trojan. Be sure of which one you have.

Nope I got the Isass.exe message and I could not log into my computer.

hmmm, might want to download and run a disk based virus scanner, might help. If you have one the Norton System Works CD will do a virus scan from the CD, I believe most anti-virus CDs will do this also so that you can scan your system before installing if you need to. If you can't find a legit CD you can download the Ultimate Boot CD from right now it has the McAfee virus deffinitions as of March 10th 2004. Just download the latest .zip version it's about 45mb but will uncompress to a 100mb .iso file. Burn the .iso to CD (I assume you know how to burn an iso and not just make a CD with a copy of the .iso file on it). Put in the CD and boot your computer. When you get to the the CD menu push the F7 key and then select the McAfee virus scan. I've never had to use it b/c I've usually be able to get into the system to run virus fixes from there but I have started the scan before I just never finished it. Anyways, I believe it will scan and fix the viruses that it finds. There might be better CDs out ther but that's the one I could remember off the top of my head

Oh yeah side notes. To burn a .iso file (incase you're unsure of how to do this) download and uncompress the file until you get the 100mb .iso file. Open your CD burning program and then tell it to open and burn a CD image file. Then tell it to burn onto a blank CD and you should be good to go. If you're still unsure of how to burn an iso file let us know was CD burning software you use so we can walk you through it.

To insert the CD you don't have to have it in before you push the power button, so you don't need to force open the CD tray to get it in there. Just have the CD ready then hit the power button on your computer, immediately open the CD rom and put in the CD, and close the CD rom tray. You should be good to go b/c you usually have a few second where they system/motherboard is starting up before it checks for a bootable CD. WHich brings me to another point, make sure your bios are set to boot from CD (or at least check for a bootable CD) before booting from the hard drive.

With the March 10th 2004 virus definitions you should be good to go because the information I found about the Optix Pro trojan says it's kinda old.

Either way if running a virus scanner fixes your problem then you might want to look into installing a perminant virus scanner that starts with Windows on your system (if you don't already have one). You might also want to look into installing a firewall if you don't have one. Software wise I still like the free ones like ZoneAlarm or Sygate Personal Firewall. If you have a high speed connection and don't have a firewall then you really should at a minimum install a software firewall.

Let us know if any of this works for you and if it doesn't let us know what else you tried so we can try to help you out even more

thanks!!!!!!!! I will give it a try..