Ishii and Machida training in Brazil

Part 1
Footage of Machida training Ishii in striking and they even do some judo together (@ 2:57).

Part 2:
Mostly on Machida himself. Machida's dad is interviewed as well.



A Youtube comment offers a summary of the video:

- Ishii is in Brazil for about 20 days practicing with Machida to become an MMA fighter
-Machida talks about his own MMA background. He says his main strengh is karate (3rd Dan), but he is also a 2nd dan in sumo and a jiu jitsu black belt.
-In judo, Ishii is still the authority around here (they say it just before that flawless kata guruma)

After that, the reporter says that in judo, the authority around here is still Ishii (just before that flawless kata-guruma).

Part Two here.


I love those "barns"they train in in brazil.

They just look cool.

I would be worried about insects getting in all the time though...


he looks a bit slow. maybe he's got tard strength.

i don't mean mentally slow.... physically slow.

In the striking portion they showed, yes. but its also technique training and he's a striking noob.

On the other hand, dude fireman'ed machida in the blink of eye.