Isiah Thomas

Why is Isiah not mentioned as among the greatest players of all time? Do people consider him overrated? Was he overrated?

I was watching some games on ESPN Classic and that guy was the f*ckin' man. People forget how good this guy was. Off the dribble, he is top 3 most dangerous player to play in the league. He can pass his first defender at will and his mid-perimeter jump shot was absolutely money. Not only that, he was incredibly clutch. He scored 26 points in ONE QUARTER! He was also very tenacious on D. He was an absolute competitor (i.e. kissing Magic at tip-off, then almost fist fighting with him minutes later).

He took his team which was offensively-limited and took them to back-to-back championships in a Bird-Magic dominated Era.

WOW...I thought he was one of the best also...what gives?

Does it have to do with the fact he was on a team known as the bad boys?

He was a perennial all-star but not a superstar.

Superstar marketing revolved around 3 guys...MJ, Bird, and Magic...I think due to locale...DETROIT...Isiah didn't get enuf props.

really? he was NOT a superstar?

Can you name a pt. guard during his era who was better than him or at his level besides John Stockton and Magic Johnson?

The Championship pistons were a group without a superstar? I find that hard to beleive.

"He took his team which was offensively-limited and took them to back-to-back championships in a Bird-Magic dominated Era."

Hold up, the pistons were not offesively limited, far from it, they had scorers out the ass. They just prefered to play a defensive style game.

I. Thomas - scorer

Joe Dumars - scorer

Vinnie Johnson - scorer

Mark Aguire - scorer

James Edwards - Low post presences who they always went to to start the game, he could score as well.

Not to mention their transition game was very good

Isiah Thomas is one of the greatest shooters the NBA has ever seen. He just never got the credit because he limitied his game to help his team, which helped them win 2 championships

Thomas was a warrior and a winner. Yes he came off like a prick sometimes but hell so did Jordan but Jordan was well Jordan. I would put him in the top 5 point guards of all time and possibly top 3 behind Magic and stockton

I loved watching him play, one of my favorite players of all time, a true competitor

I've seen very little of Thomas playing. I've only been a recent fan of basketball and have seen little of the old-school legends and greats. What is it about Thomas's game that makes him so revered and great? I watched some clips of him and his handle was sick, he looked ahead of his time bringing that streetballer flavor to the NBA stage (although the league is too saturated with it now). Any impressions or opinions you guys can give I'd appreciate.


All the reasons I mentioned in my post. He was clutch and could get his shot off at any time on anyone. He had a great first step and his between the legs crossover was deadly. He was the prototype for guys like Allen Iverson, Stephon, Francis, etc.

Souljacker got it on the button, he was one of the best jump shooters of all time off the dribble. To get an idea of what Isaih was like, imagine those three pt. guards I mentined above and mix in a Kobe Bryant (for his clutchness & his jumpshot).


I stand corrected. Its just that their defense overshadowed their offense.

"I stand corrected. Its just that their defense overshadowed their offense."

so true, they were ugly to watch a lot of the time but they got it done

The best thing about Isiah's shake andbake moves and all his dribbling was that he actually did it all for a purpose, it was not for show. he was incredible and puts all the show boats to shame nowadays, damn I loved to wach him play

also try and catch The Mary Thomas Movie about him and his mothers life. Great fucking movie. His brother was supposedly better than he was. Thomas had rough and him think Red Lobster is 5 star just tells you what type of guy he still is

Isiah hesitation stutter step dribble was killer. It would send his defenders stumbling backwards.

Didn't catch the Mary Thomas Movie, but I did see his documentary on ESPN Sportcentury and he went through some struggles as a youngster. His brother was a drug addict and the family struggled with poverty and neighborhood gang violence. I believe that's what made him the player he was. He didn't fear anybody.

The cool thing was when the Dream Team didn't include him (rumor had it that MJ wanted it that way). He let out of his frustrations by absolutely demolishing John Stockton (the person picked instead of him).

His coach, Chucky Daly, said that if Isaih was a few inches taller that he would be considered the greatest player of all time.

"What is it about Thomas's game that makes him so revered and great?"

He was prob. the best ball handler I have ever seen...yes...better than IVERSON. And BOUNCE is correct...the only time he really flashed it was during the ALL STAR games...every1 has a signature move...but ISIAH was simply between the legs ova and ova and ova...then to the basket. His pull up was PUREEEEEEEEEEEEE! Legendary street balla from CHICAGO. He was going against adults when he was 13. A champion unlike the Iversons...etc...he let CHUCK DALY coach him...not the other way around.

"The cool thing was when the Dream Team didn't include him (rumor had it that MJ wanted it that way)."

I don't kno why. Isiah made MJ look good in a few all stars with his bounce pass and ali oop pass dunks. Hell I kno DOMINQUE was luving it.

Where can I get the Mary Thomas movie? They showed that movie to us in elementary school and i recorded it off the Disney channel years ago, but lost the tape and have been looking for it ever since. Isiah is one of my favorite players of all time. Not only did he have the skills, he was a leader, and was tough as nails. The guy was such a competitor and all about winning...something you see very little of today.


MJ was still upset about the "freeze out" in his first allstar game. Basically, Isiah told everyone not to pass to Jordan. This was basically because Jordan was the new hot shot in the NBA.

Also, if you remember the "Jordan Rules." The Pistons and Bulls have a tough rivalry in the Eastern Conference finals for a few years and the year that Jordan finally defeated them in the postseason, Thomas and Detroit walked out without acknowledging or shaking the Chicago Bulls hands. It was a move that Isiah said he regretted b/c it was very very unsportmanlike.

Tough as Nails is right. His last game of his career he tore his achilles tendon and walked off the court on his own! He also received a brutal elbow to his head by Karl Malone and came back and played well.

BOUNCE...ahhhhhhhh I remember now. But I would think Chuck Daly would back Isiah on the Olympics. Oh well...I kno Jordan didn't want to go originally...but once every1 signed on...he was like what the hell.

Awesome...I need to see some of this stuff.

I gotta start watching ESPN Classic more..What else do you guys recommend i try and watch?

I just read Isiah's book "The Fundamentals" over the weekend, and it sheds a lot of light into many of the situations he was involved in. He could have been one of the top scorers ever, but because he wanted to win championships, he knew he had to make his teammates better and often passed himself up to make them better. Daly asked him to do this, and he did. Also, I forgot just how tough the guy was. In the 89 playoffs he played with a broken hand, played through many bad injuries, and the best one was when he received that vicious elbow from Karl Malone. He was totally out of it, went back to the locker room to receive 41 stitches....AND CAME BACK TO FINISH THE GAME! what a tough lil' sob!