ISKA Kickoxing on ESPN2 now

Pacific Time Zone

Damn. Now it's Karate Dancing.

itll resume afterwards.

i was watching that last night, enjoyed seeing Alex Gong kick the shit out of Melvin Murray.

cant stand that dude.

Yeah they are breaking this concrete that is so far spread apart that it`s rediculous,and to top it off they are putting spacers in between the bricks.Give me a damn break!

How many board could Harold Howard break?

I'd pay at least $4.87 to see it.

fuck.. i got karate too..

I can't believe how gay this karate show is. It's all parlor tricks except for the brick/board breaking..what does letting someone hit you in the nuts with a sledgehammer prove, especially when you move away at the last minute?

damn this guy "Chip" just broke a bat with his shin..

Did you see the guy getting the concrete broken on his nuts?

That makes me want to go down and sign up for that.