ISKA world cup highlights

Our gym took a team to the iska world cup in Sydney last Sunday. We absolutely carved up cleaning out a couple of divisions in the Pankration and combat grappling and i got my first win (and first prize which was nice). The whole set up reminded me of the ending of the karate kid so i made this little highlight. Sweep the leg!
*the second video is my unedited fight

Nice choke mate voted up! Phone Post 3.0

The Power Double - Nice choke mate voted up! Phone Post 3.0

cheers mate have a vu too

Congrats man.

They're fun tournaments.

I got gold last year in the advanced submission wrestling division when it was held at the Darling Harbour Convention center.

shameless bump


final shameless bump and cheers kirik

Great job with the highlight loved the music :P And top fight too mate, well done!