Islam calls for Oliveira Title Fight, vows to Finish Him on Ground


With the UFC lightweight championship currently vacant, Islam Makhachev thinks he should be the one to face Charles Oliveira.

Oliveira (33-8 MMA, 21-8 UFC) was stripped of his 155-poundt title after he missed championship weight by a half-pound for his fight against Justin Gaethje earlier this month at UFC 274. Oliveira submitted Gaethje in Round 1 and will compete for the title in his next fight.

Despite the lightweight title having no owner, Dana White still expressed interest in rebooking Makhachev against Beneil Dariush, who’s currently recovering from an ankle injury. Regardless of what happens next, Makhachev (22-1 MMA, 11-1 UFC) thinks it’s only a matter of time before he’s champion.

“The UFC said we have to find some contender, but this is not a contender match. We don’t have a champion, Makhachev told ESPN. “Charles is a contender, too. I hope I deserve it because I have a 10-fight win streak, and I’m ready. This is my time now.”

He continued, “Who’s gonna fight with Oliveira now? We don’t have nobody. Who? Gaethje, Tony, or Poirier? Chandler? Who next for Oliveira?”

Oliveira seemed rather dismissive of Makhachev and instead mentioned the likes of Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, which Makhachev can’t understand.

“If Charles says I’m not ready or something, or he says Islam doesn’t deserve, but he asked to fight Nate Diaz or Conor,” Makhachev said. “I want to ask him, ‘Hey, these guys deserve (it) who you call all the time?’ I don’t know. …

“They have to make me vs. Charles, 10-win streak vs. 11-win streak. It’s a very big fight.”
Oliveira stated he wants to return in December, which wouldn’t fall in line with Makhachev’s desired date of Oct. 22 in Abu Dhabi. But Makhachev thinks Oliveira is just ducking him.

“Someone or Nate Diaz or Conor say let’s do in September. He’s gonna fight in September, too,” Makhachev said. “He just run because he knows his grappling or other skills aren’t gonna work with me. He beat all striking guys like Poirier or Chandler or all these guys, they have good striking.

“But when they drop him down, nobody goes to the grappling with him. Nobody holds him there, but we know when someone gives him a hard time he always gives up. I’m gonna take him down, make him tired, and he’s gonna give up like he did 10 times in the UFC.”

Stylistically, no one has been able to answer Oliveira in years, but Makhachev isn’t afraid to tussle with him on the ground.

“Everybody is scared of his grappling, but I don’t care about his grappling honestly,” Makhachev said. “I grapple with the best grapplers in the world. I grapple with Khabib all my life. That’s why I don’t care about his grappling. I know I’m gonna take him down, make him tired, and I can finish him there. Everybody says grappling is his area, but I’m gonna finish him in his area. …

“Honestly I believe I can finish this guy, and I really want to finish him in the grappling, in his area, and I know I can do this.”


Cool…beat Dariush 1st


That sandy fuck should watch his mouth, hes a goat fucker, not a GOAT…


Fired Shots Hybrid Style


hasnt beat any current fighters in top 20 at 155


Dan hooker and Arman Tsarukyan are both top 15. Tsarukyan is a beast too and will get his worthy ranking soon


Also, no reason to hold this fight in Abu Dhabi. Charles wants it in Brazil. Do that or Vegas.


100% agreed


Charles is also the champion (yeah yeah) so why the fuck does it matter if YOU (Islam) want the fight in October?

Beg for title fight as a challenger but then say “sorry, that’s not the date I want.” Fuck off lol


By finish on ground he means wrestle fuck him


He probably means finish him. Like his last 4 wins and 6 of his last 8.

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This will be an interesting fight for sure, Islam is really good on the ground and has great wrestling and good subs, but Charles probably wont get subbed and may sub Islam if there is a sub at all. He woukd likely need to GnP or even lay n pray to pull out a win.

Standing I acrually think Charles will rock him and get a sub when he is on queer street.


What’s going to become of this place when Islam takes Oliveira down and mogs him?

Islam will take away the UG’s hope :cry:

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You should personally ask Overeem


Please… no… don’t bring that up :cry:


Good fight to make and i wouldnt be against it.

This is like tony vs khabib but vice versa. I think the bjj is better here. Khabib would’ve mauled tony imo


He very well could, which is why this fight is so good, I think Charles is the toughest fight for him though, Justin and Dustin would likely be easier IMO. But Charles has been hurt before too so Islam might be able to rock him, but I think Charles has a better chance at cracking him on the feet.

Khabib would have been better against Charles, Islam is not Khabib, Khabib is still on another level than Islam

Islam is still a beast though. I think this fight is going to shock people at how easy Islam makes it look. His chin is not Khabib’s level and that’s exploitable, but is Charles really the guy to exploit it?

Charles doesn’t have the TDD to keep him off him and when it hits the mat Islam will mog him from the top position.

Styles make fights and I honestly think someone like Chandler would have a better chance (though not a good chance either). His TDD might be able to help him keep it standing long enough to clip Islam.

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