Islam laughing with DC and RC "I'll easily take down Oliveira right away and then I'll smash him"

No doubt that he’ll get the takedown. Can he avoid strikes and submissions along the way?

Islam is peaking and looks great.

Oliveira is a dead man.

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Hes so confident that his dad Ali is floating the Dariush fight…lol!!!


Charles looks like he’s 200 lbs right now on ig. Must really be trying to come in as strong as possible for islams grappling. Hopefully doesn’t back fire

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He has definitely filled out recently.

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200lbs tho?

Sounds like Charles is getting desperate.

Home boy better make fucking weight


I wasn’t exaggerating when I said he looks 200 lol

14 years of the same weight cut, Christ his Kidneys.

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Holy shit he looks huge



He looks like a beaten man with a desperate plan to get bigger to save himself.

It won’t help him. Islam takes down MW Olympic medalists.

The weight is going to gas Charles even faster when Islam gets on top and rides him like a Brazilian sewer horse through the favelas.


ChArLeS iS jUsT tAkInG a MeNtAl PiCtUrE oF tHe BeLt ThAt IsLaM Is GiOnG tO gIfT kHaBiB

Jack Jackoffdew



Would be a shame if he has to be “hospitalized” that night before the fights like some other faggot


What the fuck is even that?

“The UFC is not going to make Islam and Charles fight they’re going to make Charles and Volk fight anyone who disagrees is delusional!”


How many more times you going to be wrong?:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

White Goodman Reaction GIF

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