Islam laughing with DC and RC "I'll easily take down Oliveira right away and then I'll smash him"

Dana is an idiot for not making that one

They don’t even want Volk as backup :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Dana confirm this yet? Or is this just still a case of “Well that’s what Ali told me”?

he sounds so classy when he says smash almost as classy as Khamzat when he says I fuck you

Charles is going to fuck this kid up…lol

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He’s not making weight. When he does he’s skeletor but not many shit on him because he doesn’t have a wrestler background.

Islam is a guy who breaks fighters and Olivera has broken before.

I don’t think this will even look close. Olivera finds a way out in rd 3


Islam is going to break the UG when he wins as well. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

“He lost 7 times, 7 fighters finished him, I have a champion in my division lost 7 times, I am very upset”

Funny without us knowing if he tried to be funny ha ha

Justin Gaethje said the same thing, then he fucked around and found out.


He’s gonna come in heavy, get stripped, and still fight and whoop Islam bad.


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Yuri claims Islam is one of the best grapplers hes ever trained with…Yuri also just won the absolute at ADCC. Charles is introuble

I wouldnt be surprised for Charlie to be piecing Islam up on the feet, Islam panics and shoots a double right into a gillotine.

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Islam always badgering DC saying he’s gotten the better of him in training but DC is a cheater. Lol. And we have seen what Islam did to a hs number 1 ranked kid in the nation. Toyed with him. Guy is good. But so is Charles. I can’t wait

I would. Sounds like a low % move and wishful thinking.

Charlie has those long bony arms, perfect for gillotines


frustrated idiot GIF


This is really an incredible fight. Strength of schedule still means something, and the best wins Islam has is against Arman and Dober IMO. Obviously not near Charles opponents, although Arman I think is great, but could easily be at 145.

I just hope Charles has imported a wrestling/sambo type of dude from the Caucasus’s for his training camp.

This fight has been on the horizon for awhile for him so you would think he is gonna be as prepared as possible.

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Seems like you were looking for an excuse to post this gif so you could larp as a woman.