Islam laughing with DC and RC "I'll easily take down Oliveira right away and then I'll smash him"

By posting a gif? If I wanna larp as a woman I throw on my wig and some pumps. You the kinda pussy gotta act out his fantasies online in some virtual world. Laaaaame!

It’s shopped. Look at his back and his left arm. Left arm isn’t nearly as filled out

I mean you made a topic faking to be a midget next to cejudo the other day

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Obvious projection from bald Bryan Callen

The Goldbergs' Actor Bryan Callen Accused of Sexual Assault, Misconduct | Bryan  Callen | Just Jared

That opinion would hold more weight if Yuri actually grappled instead of standing around shoving people.

I mean no one did anything to stop him, so clearly it worked

These Dagestani boys bait the guillotine all the time and end up using it to advance position. Charles isn’t going to submit Islam. He’s going to TKO him or lose


Lol…the guy with the most subs ever isnt capable of subbing someone.
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Charles knows this is going to be a tough fight. Islam thinks it’s going to be a cakewalk. Never seen Islam in a fight that was harder than he thought it was going to be. If Charles lands one big shot, I think Islam will fall apart

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There’s no easy fights in the ufc. Dan hooker knocked out Gilbert burns and went to war with Dustin and didn’t get finished by him. Bobby green beat josh Thompson and knocked out Al Iaquinta

The Arman Tsarukyan fight for sure was tougher than he thought and he made it happen. That dude is a stud

I guarantee he doesn’t submit Islam. He has one chance in the fight and it’s to keep it standing

Hard when no one wants to fight him. Also Armen is good.


I’d love to see Oliveira let himself get taken down, and sub Islam quick as he can. Then get on the mic and call out Khabib. His damaged ego will probably love that.


Agreed. I think Charles’s best strategy is to keep it on the feet. If he gets taken down, threaten with submissions to scramble back to his feet.

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Charles is capable of subbing anyone…anytime from anywhere…lol…have you not seen his fights?


Keep doubting him assholes…its awesome


He can’t and he won’t. Islam for the W

The guy has lighting fast subs. Deadly. But they usually come in scrambles or against dazed opponents. Basically, his striking sets up his subs… and that’s a dangerous combo. I just don’t think he can sub Islam in the basic guard while getting his face smashed. But we’ll see,