Islam Victorious

Islam Makhachev (sp?) looked good against Chris Wade. He was outstanding on the ground, although I thought he should have tried to Von Flue choke Wade in the second. Also, I thought he should have just tried to lock up the RNC without the hooks when Wade was doing that short sit-out on him in the second and third round.

The triangle attempt in the first was fantastic, and the fight was full of great scrambling and reversals. I especially enjoyed the leg "pass" he employed off of Wade's takedown attempt. Wade had to be kicking himself after that one, because that pass is a straight-up folkstyle move.

Great fight by Makhachev, but he's a long way from being the next Nurmagomedov.

I saw the Von Flue opening too. You'd think somebody at Wade's level would know not to hold the guillotine after his guard is passed. Either use it to get up, right away, or let it go. Phone Post 3.0