ISLAM vs OLIVEIRA set for OCT 22 in Abu Dhabi... well, well, well motherfu#$ers

Who on this list wants to beat Islam to get another shot at Charles?

I’ll wait…

RDA will fight anyone to remain relevant, I’m still pissed he popped.


I feel all the guys on the list may now be premadonnas and are definitely not willing to fight Islam at this stage of the game.

Islam is no joke.

As much as I detest him and his team/beliefs …

He is a strong competitor.

I wanna see him fight the best, but I also want him to earn his shot just like Charles did

Porra Caralho


I cannot wait until we have 5 Muslim champions!

Cmon dude,

Ur not even Muslim are you?

Says guy who calls Islam a terrorist yet sucks Khamzat’s ass when he spends his free time hanging with Kadyrov.


Why do you hate Khamzat? Thought you liked him before he fought Burns then you turned against him? (Could be wrong) thought he was kinda exposed a little but still got the W agaibst the best version of Burns.

Is it because Khamzat said some shit about Khabib and then the little 155 pounded replied and Khazat tucked lol

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He was born in Chechnya but he behaves like an insecure westerner. It showed in his last fight and he fought like a goof. It was easy to be on the bandwagon when he looked invincible but now I think he’s a mental midget who will never win a title.

You could see it in his behaviour in the lead up: like talking shit about Khabib and then backtracking, sucking Darren Tills ass for no good reason, retiring because he got covid, trying to kiss Conor’s ass and getting ignored, going to Chechnya even though he’s a Swede to let Kadyrov pretend beat him up. Dude is a cringe lord.

Russians are great fighters because they’re mentally strong. Khamzat is not that guy.


Can’t deny a lot of that, sucking off kadryov was beta as fuck, forgot about the covid retirement thing, that was bad too. I used to argue with you and funny I find myself agreeing with you a lot now.

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