Island DVD's and there shipping...

Anyone out there that has ordered from Islandmartialarts, I got to know what has your experence been in refrence to shipping?

I just bought 8 of there DVD's at the beginnig of last week, and I noticed that my credit card was never charged, so I waited a couple more days and nothing. On Thursday I called there office, because there was still no charge on my credit card. I spoke with a guy there and he said "yep received your order just fine, and its ready and will be shipped out tomorrow(Friday)!"

Well its now Tuesday, and I recieved an e-mail that my items have been shipped out today, not Friday as I was told!?

This is only the second time that I have ordered from them, but the first time I ordered I had the same problem with getting my order sent out timely. Just woundering if its just "MY LUCK" with this company, or is this something that everyone has experenced and I should expect to wait over a week to have your order shipped?

Hey thanks for your input in advance!

Sometimes they don't charge your card until it ships which I wish all companies would do. I bought from Island 3 times and always had great service!

Best customer service and shipping I have seen! So far no one has
shipped my stuff faster than Island. I've ordered from them quite
a few times and never had a problem.

Well last week was Easter, maybe they took off for a holiday. I ordered from them on a Friday and got my order the next Tuesday. Great service, never had any problems.

When I bought from them my stuff was shipped out right away.

I have had nothing but great experiences with Island and their shipping.


My last order shipped in about 7 days. I don't consider that bad, that's pretty average for small businesses.

I've never had a problem!!!