Isn't Tito Ortiz Significantly Stronger Than Nog?

Little Nog, that is.

The reason I ask is the fact that I've noticed a lot of people going with Rogerio. In my head, I don't see how Tito doesn't win this fight if he makes it a close-range clinch fight. Sure, Noguiera might stop double leg attempts. But if Tito clinches, I don't see how Tito doesn't bully Nog around and dictate the fight, mixing in the plum, which Tito is surprisingly adept at. Plus, the extra weight Tito will have on Nog will likely help gas out Nog quicker.

Eh heh Phone Post

 no. tito was stronger than most of his opponents back when cutting weight was more unusual

 tito is a huge 205lbs and dedicates most of his camp to strength and conditioning it seems.

I'm going with Tito here...unless he crumbles after the 1st takedown like he did with rashad, he should be able to take this Phone Post

SAFTA - Tito's strength was always myth more than reality i think

 forklifting Ken across the cage.gif

he may have been stronger when he was younger
but not now

but maybe i should qualify that
wear and tear on his body has made it more difficult to apply his streangth.

I think all this retirement talk probably means Tito is injured again.

no that was like ten years ago, He dosent have strength advantage anymore. His only advantage is his gigantic skull.
(which is cracked btw).

Unfortunately Lil Nog seems a little over the hill now. But the Lil Nog that clowned Hendo would´ve killed Ortiz...

not naturally

Make no stake about, Tito is strong. That being said Nogs grip is stuff of legend.

I might catch crap for this, but I always felt Tito had a real dangerous style for Lil Nog, similar to how Arona would have. Tito on top is as dangerous as they come. Strong top control with great sub defense and brutal elbows versus a dangerous guard(But not as dangerous as Big Nog)

Maybe Tito is more past his prime than I'm anticipating, but this is one of the better matchups for Tito in my opinion. He has the size and the strength to win this fight.