ISR-PM...done. October release.

Just wanted to announce (and cut back on some e-mail work) that the
ISR-PM's first set will be out in October. It is done and in the
duplication company's hands.

The first set is all on subject control and physical management. The
second will cover physical training and the combat sport aspects of
what we do and the third set will be all about adding the RBSD into the
very dynamic operating platform and delivery system that the ISR
MATRIX functions as.

From our product page:

The ISR-PM Physical Management DVD set covers our primary or core
fundamentals in respect to the strategy and tactics involved with
individual subject control and team tactics from our perspective and
experiences. Designed originally for use in Law Enforcement and
Military Teams working in policing or with special objectives requiring
hands on seize, arrest and transport tools, the ISR Matrix's physical
management program is its equally functional and highly applicable
civilian expression.

ISR Matrix is proud to present its first instructional video series on the
core training concepts and fundamental tactics that thrive within the
dynamic I.S.R. Matrix LE and are now available for the first time to
civilians working in security fields in a manner requiring measurable,
controlled, dynamic and appropriate or morally justifiable use of force.

  • Each DVD is over 120 minutes of instructional and seminar footage
    covering tactics from their conceptual roots on through to the fine
    details of their expression into subject control.

  • Each DVD also includes bonus footage taken directly from its original
    ISR MATRIX LE set whish was until now available only to sworn peace
    officers and active military personnel working in a policing force or

DVD 1- Intercept: "Entering, closing the distance and acquiring

Detailed Instruction of:

The Helmet-
The Dive-

LE Bonus footage covering:
• The Forklift. ISR LE's interviewing platform and neutral
• The Helmet. ISR LE's primary interceptor.
• The Dive.
• The Underhook & Pike. ISR LE's primary position in both the
first two phases of the matrix.
• Clearing and catching.
• Hand Fighting. One of many ISR LE training method.
• Arm dragging.
• The Wrist Weave. ISR LE's unique entry from transporters and
• Level changes.
• Weak links in traditional tactics.

DVD 2 - Stabilize: "Establishing control, destabilizing and grounding."

Detailed Instruction of:

The Underhook & Pike-
The wrist weave-
The harness

LE Bonus footage covering:
• The Brace Position. ISR LE's primary position to neutralize striking.
• The Harness. ISR LE's very secure body lock to either resolve
the situation or wait for back up.
• Front Headlock.
• Knee blocks.
• Knee bumps.
• Shaking out the blanket. Brother tactic to the harness, an
easy way to set the subject down.
• Triple threat vs. the Underhook and Pike. Versatility, the true
strength of the Underhook & Pike.
• Quarter Position. ISR LE's primary and safe position for
• Back Position.
• Wrist Weave. The wrist weave as a take down.

DVD 3 - Resolve: "Establishing position, securing options and creating

Detailed Instruction of:

The Triple Threat-
Teams, -Escorts & Transports

LE Bonus footage covering:
• The S-Position. ISR LE's safety position. The primary platform for
resolution and cuffing.
• Arm Wrapping. ISR LE's unique method to completely control
and turn subject.
• Straightjacketing.
• Mount transitions.
• Knee Ride
• Side Ride.
• Rides not hooks. ISR LE's preferred platform from which to
• Weak links in traditional tactics.

Thanks again everyone for the continued support. I will be putting
togther parts 2 & 3 in 2007.



Hi Luis,
Quick question. As someone who is in law enforcement but is also very interested in self defense, which series would you recommend? Is there overlap between the 2 series? Just trying to figure out which series to get first.

That's Great News Luis!! I'll hit you up once I get back from this current deployment.



This set is subject control. Self-defense aspects are presented but from
a physical management perspective of proffesionals working to control,
detain, and transport subjects.

As stated above, this new set contains an entire bonus section directly
taken from the LE set so all those wishing to learn about what we do
see the cross over of primary tactics present in both systems. I would
suggest you try this set as it will have the main points available to both

The next two sets will cover "self-defense" and functioanl training for


Thanks for the prompt response Luis.

I second FJJ8228's Sweeeeeet !!!

awesome ! really excellent stuff on that clip Luis & Co.

your constant creativity never ceases to impress

Thanks much!

Media F/X just told me we should have them within a couple of weeks.
We site is being updated next week.