ISR201 Instructor course (FL)

Just got home after a week in sunny Pembroke Pines where Luis taught the first ISR201 (Instructor's course)of 2004. I sat in on most of the course and assisted. Several comments...

1. I was very impressed if not amazed with Luis' presentation, organization, passion and energy this whole last week. He is truly inspirational as a leader, teacher and coach.

2. The balance of tactical skill training and information was excellent. Luis showed that the program is comprehensive, well planned and continually evolving. The teaching methodology (I-Method) is definitely a gem that truly sets this program on another level.

3. All the candidates were motivated and enthusiastic (PUMPED UP!). They devoured the information and jumped into each new drill with unbelievable energy. I was proud to work with them all.

Thank you Luis for all your time, effort and passion. I look forward to the next one.


Did Luis film it for future DVD sets??
Tom Furman


Thank you for the kind words as always. I truly value your presence and contribution to our team! You and your guys are a testament to law enforcement done right. Paul and I are extremely fortunate for those of you who now represent our First Tier of instructors in the field.

I will be in touch with you soon on some great news that came in hours after you guys headed out.


We will not put out any commercial products on ISR material past the 101 level just to safeguard the integrity and stability of the system itself and most importantly, safeguard all parties its intended for. We are currently documenting (filming)other 101 level introductions to ISR 101 material for SWAT / SERT teams, Homeland Security, and other special operation agencies as per request and likewise will leave the 201 areas to seminars, clinics, and appointed demonstrations.

If you would like to be a part of that work, please contact me directly. You can check out the requirements for the 201 at our site.

Thanks much for the inquiry and interest!



I especially liked the clothing drills.



The ISR201 was great. I've trained with Luis in his regular classes for years and was used to his self-defense/NHB approach to fighting. But I didn't have a strategy from a law enforcement perspective. The ISR gave me one: Intercept, Stabilize, and Resolve, with the option to increase or decrease the use of force as needed.

Thank you Luis!

It was also great working with Fletch, and the other officers. Their input and advice was very relevant and appreciated.