IT Beginner: Advice Needed

Hey guys, I just graduated from a good college but I have a science degree and I want to go into IT. I started getting into web design(html/css) and I have 2 years experience doing that. I have built a bunch of comps and also worked on some of the comps at my last job. I took an A+ practice test yesterday and knew most of the stuff.

I am applying to jobs right now, but I feel that my resume is being overlooked because my lack of real IT experience.

1)What certs are co's looking for and are best for a beginner?

2)I was thinking about getting a second degree, are there any reputable online IT degrees out there? Is it worth it?

I would very much appreciate any advice you could offer.

"1)What certs are co's looking for and are best for a beginner?"

what do you want to do?

CCNA is standard entry-level for networking.

the MCSE and certs leading up to it are standard for Windows stuff.

Red Hat Certified Technician (this is what you want) and Engineer are the standard for Linux.

programming, who knows. Sun has certs for Java, but I don't know who cares about them.

I get the impression nobody cares about the + type certs, except for A+ for entry level..

"2)I was thinking about getting a second degree, are there any reputable online IT degrees out there? Is it worth it?"

the ITground should give you some good online ones.

remember, online schools associated with brick and mortar colleges have more cachet, up to a point.

if you want to go into programming, look for a brick and mortar or online CS degree. Online is hard to find, I think RPI or University of Rochester offers one.

"3)I finished with a 2.9 GPA :( Hypothetically speaking, if I were to put a 3.0 down on my resume would the company check with the school to verify it?"

mildly exaggerate, overbroaden experience, and get creative in listing your accomplishments, up to a point - but never, ever lie.

saying you made 3.0 when you made 2.9 is straight up, verifiable, lying, unless you have a good reason to claim 3.0 (some procedural thing your school does others don't or something). and even then, you need to qualify it by saying you actually got a 2.9.

will companies check? most probably won't. But your resume will be out there with this lie for a very long time.

the head coach of Georgia Tech's football program got offered the top job at Notre Dame, and ended up being rejected in disgrace because some campus reporter, just doing some fact checking, found out about a very old thing on his resume that was false that he put on his resume to get his early jobs.

you should make clear you majored in a hard science - I'd rather have a guy who made 2.9 in physics at any accredited college than someone who made a 4.0 in many accredited psychology programs.

Thank you ROR for your sound advice. You pretty much hit on all the knowledge I was seeking.

About the gpa, yea you're right, 0.1 of a gpa isn't worth the risks, it was a stupid idea. I will just put down that I got a 3.3 in my core classes along side with my 2.9 overall. Man I shouldn't have partied so hard my first 2 years of college... doH!

I am looking for a very entry level networking or computer technician job right now. I read that CCNA is VERY challenging test... are there any good study books or website you can recommend to help me on my journey?

Thanks again.

Ror is correct. Never lie. Even if no employer ever catches it, you should always strive to do things the right way.

Just to add: in an interview, if they ask GPA, you could say "around 3.0". That would be OK. If you go with this strategy, you could also leave your GPA off entirely, as 2.9 is not all that hot.

To add one more Linux cert, you can try for LPI 101 and 102. That is not easier than the RHCT (actually it might be harder), but is an alternative anyway.

Maybe a stupid question but if he takes more classes at the university, would that figure in to bumping up his GPA to a 3? ...or classes at another school figure into an "overall" GPA of 3.0+? Just some ideas

Good luck

In going off what ROR said about RHCE, it is one of hte hardest linux certs to get, its all lab and one of the most demanding certs out there...if you decide to go for it more power to you...:-)